Got Eggs?

If you’re in south Pacific County and looking for a good source of actually free-range eggs (as opposed to eggs from “cage-free” birds that live in crowded dark barns their entire smelly lives), you’re in luck! I have nice brown eggs available for $4/dozen (or $5, if you’d like to donate an extra dollar to the “building new coops and stuff” fund.)

Please note that production does drop in the winter, so supplies may be limited. Also, I do NOT wash the eggs, as I don’t want to remove the protective membrane that helps them stay fresh longer. Just quickly wash your eggs off before you use them; most of them aren’t going to have any noticeable schmutz on them anyway. I also date the eggs with the month and day they were laid; grocery store eggs may have been in storage for months before going out on the shelf, so you’re getting SUPER fresh eggs from me!

Interested in becoming a customer, either one-time or ongoing? Contact me at headchook(at)itbeganwiththechickens(dot)com.