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Small But Growing

I’m just starting to build a collection of native plants to propagate. I’m lucky that a lot of the land here at the farm is wooded and thick with natives, so I was able to dig a selection up and pot them. My little garden now includes deer ferns, evergreen huckleberry, a few teensy little Sitka sprouts, marsh violets, and a few others. I also bought some native bleeding heart from Basket Case Greenhouse; I haven’t seen them growing around here, but I absolutely love them.

Pikka, of course, had to come along and help me. She’s actually pretty good as long as there’s nothing to chase, though I had to keep her from eating manure :/ She does make for good company on such a lovely day!

I’m running low on pots so I’ll have to delay planting until I can source more, but I already have ideas of what I want to add to the garden.

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